Safety and Environmental Management System

What is SEMS?

In 1994, the then-Minerals Management Service (MMS) recognized API RP 75 to fulfill the principles of a safety and environmental management program. Oil and gas companies operating on the US Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) were encouraged to voluntarily adopt the recommended practice, which was intended to reduce the risk and occurrence of accidents and pollution on offshore oil and gas drilling and production facilities.

As of November 15, 2011, the new regulatory body overseeing OCS activities, the US Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) has required all companies operating on the OCS to develop and maintain a Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS). The SEMS final rule includes API RP 75ís 12 sections and an additional section to address the responsibilities of companiesí general management. The rule applies to current and future OCS operations and facilities under the jurisdiction BSEE.

OUR COMMITMENT to our customers' SEMS Programs

Marine Systems, Inc. is dedicated to safety and to satisfying the needs of our customers. Although MSI is not required to have a SEMS for our own operations, we want to meet our customerís expectations on SEMS and show our commitment to safety and protecting the environment. Our cooperation is necessary for operators to be in compliance; therefore, it is our responsibility to our customers to anticipate their needs and proactively cooperate with them. From early in the process, MSI has anticipated and prepared for the additional requirements for contractors working for OCS operators. Our SEMS committee, made up of leaders from our Safety, Quality, Environmental and Training Departments continues to work to meet the needs of customers as new SEMS Programs are presented to us.

Dedicated Resources

We have identified and prepared field mechanics at five MSI facilities along the Gulf Coast who will, at all times, be ready to dispatch to OCS rigs with all of the requirements of the operatorís SEMS Program. These employees are included within a specified database that holds, tracks, and notifies on topics including job skills training, certifications and licenses, on safety training including advanced JSA, H.U.E.T., Water Survival, First Aid/CPR/AED and many more. They are up to date with training on additional safety procedures created to comply with our customersí SEMS Programs and are aware of any specific, additional PPE requirements of OCS operators.

At MSI, our customersí needs are our needs, and we are ready to demonstrate our commitment to satisfying the safety and environmental requirements of your SEMS Program.



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