Risk Assessment - Managing risk to get home safely

MSI is dedicated to be the industry leader in diesel engine – parts, sales, and service. Understanding that this industry has a multitude of inherent risks, MSI is likewise dedicated to providing employees with the job skill and safety training as well as the safety tools needed to manage the risks around them.

Managing risk is the key. We have the understanding that we will never live in a risk-free world, so the ability to recognize and effectively manage the risk that is there is the key to getting home every day injury-free. To overcome our industry challenges and to provide our employees with the best safety tools available, MSI has ramped up its risk management program. Below are some of the training and tools we provide to our employees.

Stop Work Authority/Responsibility

"No job is worth getting hurt for…”

At Marine Systems, Inc. every employee understands that they have the authority, and the responsibility, to stop work if conditions become unsafe. The use of Stop Work Authority is discussed in all pre-job planning and is included on the Job Safety Analysis (JSA).

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

"Risks can be managed…”

The JSA is a safety tool that utilizes an employee’s skills, training and experience to evaluate a job task for hazards prior to starting that job. The task is broken down into steps, evaluated for hazards and then the hazards mitigated. It is a simple, yet critical first step to every job. A Job Safety Analysis is required for all work activities prior to work beginning, regardless of the type of activity. All JSA’s are kept in completed job folders, followed up for corrective improvements and periodically audited to ensure thoroughness and quality.

Near Miss Reporting

"Every incident can be avoided…”

Proactive safety efforts are critical as we work to achieve our goal of ZERO injuries. By definition, Near Misses are events with all of the conditions set for an injury, but without the injury. Reporting, investigating and then following-up on corrective improvements resulting from the investigation is truly a win-win.

Formal Safety Audits

"Safety is everyone’s responsibility…”

Formal facility safety audits are conducted at every MSI facility biannually. The audits are in-depth and made to resemble an OSHA audit. Despite their unpopularity, audits serve the safety of our employees by ensuring internal and external programs and regulations are upheld. The formal safety audits are in addition to the monthly facility housekeeping inspections and the periodic informal audits.



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