Safety Policy

Marine Systems, Inc. is committed to creating and maintaining a safe work environment.

It is the responsibility of every employee to be familiar with and adhere to this safety policy.

All injuries and accidents can be prevented. Our goal is zero injuries. This goal is considered realistic and attainable, but only you can make it happen.

All levels of supervision have the responsibility for the safety of the employee.

It is possible for you to guard against workplace conditions that may result in an occupational health risk, accident or injury. When the source of risk cannot be eliminated, special work processes, safety devices, personal protective equipment or other protective measures must be used to safeguard employees.

It is the responsibility of managers and supervisors to provide adequate training and supervision for employees. It is the responsibility of the employee to think, to use common sense and to work safely.

Adherence to safety rules and safety instructions from managers and supervisors is a requirement for employment with Marine Systems, Inc.

Safety is good business. It is a benefit to the employee, their families and the company to prevent injuries and accidents.

What we ask of our employees is to understand that:

Every incident can be avoided

No job is worth getting hurt for

Every job will be done safely

Risks that cannot be eliminated will be managed

Most importantly - Safety is everyone’s responsibility



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