Behavior-Based Safety Offensive

For nearly a decade, Marine Systems, Inc. has been teaching the principles of Behavior-Based Safety to its employees. In 2005, MSI initiated the Behavior Based Safety Offensive (BBSO). MSI had already been engaged in a Work Place Safety Observation (WPSO) Program for several years, whereby supervision would conduct formal safety observations for high risk activities. The BBSO effort was not a new program but rather an extension of the WPSO program with the focus being on risk reduction through behavioral change.

Included below are some of our current WPSO/BBSO Program elements.

Our approach:

Concentrate efforts of workplace safety observations on jobs or tasks that are considered high risk or where injuries are known to have occurred in the past

Utilize safety committees to drive the importance of conducting detailed observations, reporting on the findings and following up on any items needing additional action

Expand the existing base of safety observers conducting WPSO’s on a regular basis

Focus WPSO efforts on recently implemented safety programs from the KES Safety Steering Committee to ensure full compliance on these programs

Continue to trend the frequency and findings of field observations with monthly reports distributed to facility leaders

Periodically establish Targeted Observations, based on trend data, in order to focus down on a particular activity that is deemed to be of high risk or importance to safety



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