Employee-Focused Safety


Employees take part in an OSHA 10 hour training course as part of their Site Safety Coordinator training.


Responsibility and Accountability

Teamwork embodies the relationship between an employee’s responsibility towards their personal safety and the shared accountability we have for the safety of those around us.


Take Time for Safety

Taking the time to plan and organize our work areas eliminates risks and prevents injuries.

Risk Reporting and Follow-up

A group of employees taking in-house BBSO and WPSO training. Our group of trained observers grows every year in number and experience.

Get Involved

Rigging is a common and critical component of most of the jobs we perform. MSI has in-house trained, OSHA Qualified Riggers at every location.

Own Your Safety!

Whether it’s utilizing regulatory safety programs like Lock Out Tag Out to prevent the accidental discharge of energy, or purchasing personal scaffolding to engineer the risks out of your work, when you own your safety you’re make a statement. "It won’t happen to me, and I won’t let it happen to anyone working around me.” 



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